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Tokaji aszú
Samuel Tinon
Samuel Tinon In 1991, Samuel was the first French man to settle in Tokaj, just after the political changes and prior to the start of the privatization of the vineyards. After working for different companies during the 1990’s, he started his own production in 2000. His first wine was launched in 2005. (Read more…)


botrytis free
Botrytis Free For a passionate winemaker, the geological complexity of Tokaj is a very interesting matter. These Dry Furmint are ment to be photographies of Tokaj’s different “dűlő”. (Read more…)
With Botrytis Thanks to the magic botrytis, Tokaj offers exceptional aging wines. Not less than two years in Hungarian Oak barrels are necessary to give to our wines their complexity. (Read more…)
With Botrytis
Tokaji BorlovagrendTokaji Borárverés, 2017 Record total hammer price at 5th Great Tokaj Wine Auction

The Great Tokaj Wine Auction on Saturday 22nd April closed with a final total of 116 000 EUR (36 083 500 HUF), an increase of 20 % on the record to date. All lots but one were sold. Nóra Winkler, auctioneer since the first Auction, noted, “When we started the first Auction, we had high expectations – and we are exceedingly happy where we have come to and where we are going!” Good examples which were sold at significant increases are Kikelet’s Váti-dűlő Hárslevelű 2016, Samuel Tinon’s Szent Tamás Furmint 2016, Szent Benedek Birtokbor 2006 and Tokaj Hétszőlő Hárslevelű 2016.

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